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Maintain Optimum Performance with Business Intelligence Software


Gain greater insight into your business drivers with Cloud Solutions for Business, Business Intelligence.

In today’s economic climate everyone is looking for ways to make the business data analysis easier in order to gain a competitive edge. Business Intelligence Software plays a key role in creating and maintaining a strategic plan of operations.

Business intelligence provides instant access to the data that matters, when you need it. Studies revealed that as much as 57% of business report pressure comes from the speed of access to data and the need to increase overall data insight.

Organisations that use BI have a greater visibility into the mechanics of their business. This insight enables them to make predictive conclusions about future customer activity, giving marketing departments a head start in tailoring effective promotions and outreach.

CS4B Business Intelligence Software creates boardroom level summaries in an instant, alleviating the cost and delay of manually interrogating the systems and giving a 360 degree view of your business.

Our Business Intelligence Software offers full integration with other business systems and supplies a more detailed analysis of business operations without an increase in IT costs.

Next Generation Business Intelligence from Cloud Solutions for Business, combines the best of two technologies

  • Removes the limitations that exist within both
  • Creates an environment through a user-friendly graphical interface that provides the power, flexibility and agility.
  • Ability to analyse data in any form and in any way the user might wish.
  • No requirement to predefine data cubes or create any form of pre-query structure for the data.
  • GUI-User Friendly Interface is delivered via a Googlesque type search bar functionality.



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