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Cloud Solutions For Business In Birmingham


What is a Cloud Solution

A cloud solution comes from the term “cloud computing”. It is a style of computing that is flexible and adaptable in delivering applications such as Telephony and other IT capabilities. As a flexible utility based pricing and support model users leverage the Internet, or virtual private “Connected” network technologies, to remove risk and increase the efficiency of their business operations. Cloud computing stores and processes data via remote internet servers rather than your PC or local server and is a flexible, adaptable method of delivering telephony and other IT applications. The Cloud replaces on-site telephone and IT systems with carrier-grade platforms supplying highly secure, reliable connectivity to businesses of all natures. We have vital experience in providing leading edge Data Management and Voice communication systems that help you to leverage supplier, departmental and customer collaborations to improve business efficiency and drive a better customer experience whilst driving down your costs of doing business.

What Drives Its Popularity?

  • Readily available Internet and Broadband connectivity with low cost high bandwidth
  • Fast to implement services and “On the Fly” changes – Familiar Click & Go technology
  • Cost savings (no need to invest in new hardware or software upgrades – ever!)
  • Agility that allows you to work from anywhere at any time
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced on site hardware, heat and power requirements)
  • Offers a robust solution to Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Improved productivity, reduced call rates and no maintenance costs
  • Improved Resilience and Protection from Telephone Fraud * A Need to Know!



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As an independent advisor, Cloud Solutions for Business aim to be a leading force in providing intelligent business communication solutions. Working on your side to help you make informed choices and providing strategies to keep businesses and their customers connected at all times.
Cloud Solutions for Business strive to give customers a smooth evolutionary transition to Cloud based services like telephony and help leverage its operational advantages. Our strength is in our experience of understanding business and operational challenges today, available technology and credible suppliers to deliver working solutions that also support your challenges tomorrow often without the expense associated with investing again
Cloud Solutions For Business provide the best customer service advice and experience providing Communication solutions to businesses of all sizes
More flexible ways of working require more flexible IT solutions to support home workers, remote sites and team members who are always on the move. Central command enables you to remain at the helm of your business wherever you may be with an integrated dashboard allowing remote viewing and management of your key IT.
Cloud Solutions For Business strive to provide the best customer service experience providing telecommunications solutions to businesses of all sizes.