Connect to the future with Cloud Solutions for Business Connectivity Package.


Dollarphotoclub_60185789Cloud Solutions for Business has developed relationships with many service providers and therefore plays to its strength of being as independent as we can when advising and providing quotes for connectivity. Especially where Voice over IP is needed.

The most advanced PBX Voip systems are unworkable unless powered by a reliable, uninterrupted connection. Managed business grade connections provide an infinitely superior service than standard internet connections. Cloud Solutions for Business connectivity packages give you access to a powerful portfolio of connectivity services. Our partners focus on delivering Fibre Optic Ethernet technology, for single-site and multi-site solutions across the Globe. Our preferred partners are one of the only Ethernet connectivity focused providers in the UK, giving businesses access to the UK’s largest Aggregated Ethernet Network.w

Our partners have bigger and better reach than any other provider because they interconnect with more Telco networks than anyone else and with hundreds of local in country carriers across the world giving you unprecedented reach into 180+ countries.


Focusing on fibre optic, Next Generation Network delivery, Cloud Solutions for Business has access to hundreds of Telco providers through a single service provider.

To complete our connectivity portfolio our broadband proposition gives businesses a high performance broadband service for branch offices, home workers and Head Offices. We also use these broadband services as a fail-over option for customers buying leased lines and that need extended need for reliability. Eg Police Forces , Hospitals etc 



Ethernet Connectivity 

We have access to probably the most powerful and extraordinary portfolio of connectivity services available anywhere in the UK. Our connectivity service partners focus on delivering Fibre Optic Ethernet technology and these also include high bandwidth services such as :
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Fibre Leased Line
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • Point-to-Point Circuits
  • Layer2 Circuits
  • Global Services
  • Diverse
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)



MPLS Network Solutions 

– Secure, High Speed Connectivity

Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network brings big business connectivity to everyone. Enhanced MPLS networking provides affordable, highly secure and reliable connectivity for small, medium and large businesses wishing to bring together geographically dispersed sites and unify all their communication needs on to one platform.

Key Benefits of Enhanced MPLS

  •  Enhanced MPLS brings together the latest generation of voice, internet, cloud access and multi-site WAN in  one network
  •  Full managed or unmanaged solution to combine all communication needs
  •  Higher bandwidths and lower latency
  •  Voice, Internet, Cloud and WAN 
  •  Future-proof solution
  •  Based on proven MPLS technology
  •  Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  •  Easy management with online monitoring and performance tools




Bonded Broadband

– Allowing you to increase your down and upload speeds by aggregating up to 4 internet connections.

– Resulting in a speed increase comparable to solutions at 10 times the cost

Other connectivity options include:

  • Point-to-Point Circuits – Fibre Optic and 21CN Ethernet technology to connect 2 sites privately and securely.
  • Layer2 Circuits – Designed for our Customers who wish to take Layer2 Ethernet services from a customer premises to a data centre hand-off point.
  • Diverse – A tailored design solution offering resilient and redundant Ethernet leased lines from your office, using 2 or more Telco carriers and disparate PoP’s / Exchanges.
  • Flex – A tailored designed solution offering an increase of bandwidth “on demand” when your business needs it most.
  • Wireless Ethernet – Offering Ethernet leased line services using robust and highly secure wireless networks across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Dublin and Birmingham.
  • Interconnect – Designed to offer data centre to data centre connectivity using Ethernet, WDM, dark fibre. Service availability across most major data centres in the UK and Europe.





ISDN30 allows you to connect between eight and thirty 64k telephone voice channels (lines), so, these can either be used separately, allowing multiple calls to be made or combined to increase bandwidth. ISDN30 connections can also be used with a digital PBX switch or phone systems to manage your calls more effectively.

Another benefit is that an ISDN30 connection gives you the choice of an unlimited number of DDI (Direct Dial In) numbers – this means anyone dialing gets directly through to the right department or person without having to go through a switchboard. ISDN30 is also supported by most exchanges so it is available in most areas.



 SIP Trunks

SIP lets you run numerous communications applications over your IP network or Internet connection – for example, VOIP. In other words, you can make voice calls over the Internet or private WAN/LAN networks

The Benefits of using SIP Trunking

SIP can offer:

  • Savings on calls compared to your standard telephone bills.Your standard phone line is replaced by the IP network. VoIP call rates are usually lower than traditional equivalents
  • Flexibility in how you can use your numbers. With SIP you can move existing or have new numbers outside of your local exchange area
  • Lower-cost business continuity options. You could route your VoIP calls over your existing IP network saving money on costly call forwarding

 Beware – Not All SIP Trunks Are Equal Get Advice If You Are Thinking of Moving To These



Discounted Calls and Lines

CS4B Ltd, an independent business to business outlet for fixed lines, Broadband and Calls, as well as mobile options. This allows you to acquire from a wide choice of “Best of Breed” converging solutions to suit your specific business needs and reduce costs but retain the service reliability. We can help you through this plethora of options and confusing price plans. 

Dedicated to helping businesses reduce their telecommunications costs without compromising on quality or service, we combine proven expertise in integrating complex industry-leading products and technologies which allow us to implement solutions that fulfill clients’ needs and optimise their return on investment.

Having formed strong partnerships with key providers across the mobile and fixed line networks it has enabled us to access some of the best available rates and to deliver to our clients not only a one stop solution for all network needs but one consolidated bill, which means easier to understand billing. “



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