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contentCloud Solutions for Business work with the UK’s leading privately owned hosting and managed service providers. These providers manage secure delivery of critical business applications to over 100 countries globally.

The solutions range from traditional email hosting through secure back-up, to the managed hosting of business critical ERP, business productivity applications and high availability disaster recovery.

Investments in technology have seen these companies develop numerous private cloud based solutions for UK, European and Global clients. Cloud Solutions for Business takes care to recommend the most appropriate for your business needs, without losing sight of the bigger picture when it comes to integration of your existing IT platforms, Hosted Services, Regulatory and legal boundaries or your company’s future plans.


 Experience And Knowledge Is The DNA Of Every Solution We Work To Install, Monitor And Manage.



Services in more detail

  • Data Management – Governance – Data Storage – Business Intelligence
  • Applications for Enterprise – Legal – Productivity – Industry Specific
  • Managed Hosting – Private Cloud – Hybrid – Disaster Recovery – Storage & Back Up – Sandbox – Microsoft Exchange



Data and Application Hosting

We work with partners that have been working in the Data Application and hosted managed services sector for over 25 years. Experience and an in-depth knowledge of not only technology but what clients can achieve with their requirements are as important as their budgets. We provide a variety of managed hosting solutions, from relatively simple web and email hosting right through to application hosting delivery and high availability disaster recovery.

The solutions we offer can be taken individually or we can put an entire solution together that can encompass:

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Disaster Recovery linked to your business continuity plan
  • Enterprise level storage and back-up
  • Microsoft Productivity Applications
  • Sandbox solutions for proof of concept or application testing



Data Storage and Backup

Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a utility purchase of an on-premise 3PAR enterprise storage platform without the requirement for capital expenditure. Agile storage at a predictable monthly cost. As a consumer you receive the benefits of cloud storage but on-premise.

Client purchases £PAR with storage and performance based upon their requirements with options around file and folder access (HP StoreEasy), Disaster Recovery (Backup and archiving to include HP StoreOnce and HP StoreEver), Business Continuity (additional hosted 3PAR) ; and Monitoring and Management.

In this model the client retains peace of mind regarding security as the storage remains on their premise; You do not need the budget for a large capital expenditure; You benefit from enterprise storage which you may not have been able to afford before, and you can benefit from a number of different secure options for the service as a whole. This unique model is only available through HP and its partners


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Managed Print Services

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper, with each print costing from 5p to 35p. Up to 40% of IT service calls are print related and printer and copier toner is more expensive than champagne.

Maintaining control over the many aspects of in-house print, copy, scan and fax activities is a complex and time consuming task. Managing the hidden costs and environmental impact associated with these activities can be even tougher. Cloud Solutions for Business deliver world-class, performance enhancing print solutions, reducing costs and consolidating all your print needs to a single point of contact.

We work with leading Managed Print Service partners whose expertise covers the majority of print device manufacturers including HP, Xerox, Canon AND Ricoh.

Cloud Solutions for Business delivers unrivalled office solutions. If you want to optimise this vital aspect of your business, Managed Print Services makes it happen.

  • One simple contract with transparent pricing and charging
  • Contract direct with the Managed Print Service Partner
  • SPOC –Single Point of Contact for print related services
  • Flexibility to keep current devices to minimise investments
  • Realise cost-savings through worldwide buying power.
  • Flexibility of hardware choice due to multi-brand solution.
  • Dedicated support of AM’s and MPS specialists.
  • Flexibility of supplies due to wide choice of OEM and alternative brands.
  • Predictable costs due to a fixed monthly fee for your hardware and pages printed.
  • Tailored Contracts available


Global IT Company – Reduced document costs by 30%-over £3m per year – by optimising office environments, standardising printer management and implementing green initiatives such as toner cartridge recycling and solid ink technology etc.

City Council – The cost saving of 25% are significant, more importantly the solution allows our employees to do what they should be doing rather than spending time fixing print problems.” – TM

CC – Managed Print Service is helping deliver more environmentally friendly services and operations. By using less paper and less energy, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and delivering a better value service to staff and to the community.” A .C – ICT Systems & Services Manager.



Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)

The trouble with outside forces is that they’re not always predictable. You may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, but you can ensure that your business keeps working when it does. Disaster can arise from crime, fire, flooding, computer and Telephone system hacking or failure and breached legislation. A high number of businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen or close within 2 years.

We have the capability to complete daily “Off Site” Data Backup of your servers and even a Next Day Server Replacement program. Cloud Solutions for Business provide temporary Telephone System installation should you lose your service due to localised fire or flood damage.

Options are available for the smaller businesses – because we understand business continuity planning is imperative for everyone.

Our partners in Business Availability Services help you build a more resilient IT and communications infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions ensure your applications are always available. With the widest business continuity network and Workplace Recovery centres, our UK based providers are open for business 24/7.

When flood, fire, civil disobedience or other events prevent you from using your own premises, we can help with business continuity and mobile solutions.

From workplace recovery facilities in office suites to call centres that are ready for work in nationwide business continuity centres. There is even a provision for secure remote home or office working for your employees via “Emergency Office on a Stick” type applications.



Workplace Recovery 

With over 200 business centres located in all major business locations across the UK you have peace of mind that business can continue quickly in the event of vacating your building. Each business centre offers fully furnished private office suites with telephony, high speed Internet access, meeting rooms and video conference suites – to keep your business operating during and after a crisis.

 If Workplace Recovery is not considered a vital option for your business we have the capability to complete daily “Off Site” Data Back up of your servers and even a Next Day Server Replacement program. We have access to provide temporary Telephone System installation should you lose your telephone system service due to localised fire or flood damage. Although if  using a Hosted Telephony system you could just divert the services to anywhere there is wireless or fixed broadband available!



Data Protection and PCI Governance

A Data Governance suite helps organizations manage and protect their unstructured and semi structured data—the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, media files and other business data in file servers, NAS devices, SharePoint and Exchange. These critical data assets are massive and growing rapidly

According to industry analysts:

80% of organizational data is unstructured. Unstructured data will grow by 650% in the next five years. Even though these assets are growing and important, critical questions about them can’t be answered without Metadata Framework technology:

A Data Governance Suite helps answer these urgent questions, aligns critical business assets with their proper owners, and empowers them with intelligence to make decisions about access controls and appropriate use, that are then executed without IT department intervention.



System Integration

System integration (SI) is an IT or engineering process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components as one large system. It ensures that each integrated subsystem functions are as required and work seamlessly together. SI is also used to add value to a system through new functionalities provided by connecting functions of different systems.



Sandbox Solutions 

All of the partners that Cloud Solutions for Business work with have been successfully delivering business applications and solutions from the cloud for many years.As with Tall forms of new technology, initially we are faced with resistance, questioning and caution around delivering applications in this way.

To address these concerns, test areas, commonly known as Sandboxes allow clients to not only test the Cloud delivery model, but also to test the application before it is implemented. This service is now widely used on new deployments, and has numerous benefits for the end user and also the software provider alike, which include:-

 End User

  • There are no large initial upfront costs, and on-going costs are insignificant in comparison to purchasing equipment and spending time internally to configure it.
  • It provides the opportunity to either take the first steps into Cloud computing or to sample the suppliers service levels before a long term commitment is made.
  • The application can be available very quickly, thus allowing a longer period of time to sample the service and test and mould the application to ensure it provides the maximum benefits to a client’s organisation.

 Software Provider

  • A testing environment is provided quickly in a cost efficient manner with minimum distribution to day-to-day activities.
  • This service is able to be deployed quickly and changes can be made simply to meet on going and changing requirements.
  • It acts as assistance to sales as Customers are able to sample the application quickly and the sales cycle isn’t extended while additional infrastructure is justified, procured and configured to allow a test to be carried out.




You can create a more resilient business and recover faster when problems occur