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Phreaking!  A Sky-High Cost to Your Business?

Advances like Voip platforms have brought endless possibilities to the telecommunications industry but they have also created new opportunities for fraudsters. The UK has joined Cuba, the Philippines, Lichtenstein and India as one of the world’s worst PBX hacking areas – with instances continuing to escalate.

This unfortunate aspect of telecommunications is as old as the industry itself but there are precautions that businesses can take to protect against and prepare for, the incidence of fraud.

No business is completely safe against phone hackers. Fraudsters target large businesses because they are less easily detected and small businesses fall prey as they often fail to install the necessary defences and leave themselves open to attack. No business can afford to be vulnerable to a phone hack and with a range of affordable solutions available, no business needs to.

Cloud Solutions for Business Communication Fraud Management Systems provide breakdowns of your phone system’s activity wherever you are, so fraudulent behaviour can be easily identified and halted immediately. Our anti-fraud systems are the cutting edge in Fraud Management Solutions and at Cloud Solutions for Business we are always searching for new ways to protect your business against increasingly sophisticated attacks.



Criminals targeting UK telephone systems costs businesses £1.5 billion each year. Phreaking! A Sky-High Cost to Your Business?


Vorhängeschloss auf TastaturYou May Have “Locked Down” Your IT systems But What About Your Telephone System?

Recent BBC  and Channel 4  programmes highlighted that failure to secure your phone systems could leave your company at risk of being hit with huge phone bills. Many companies, and not just the small companies, just don’t “get it”.Most businesses ensure that their IT networks and PCs are secure from external virus, hacker and spy attacks but leave their Telephone network completely unsecured and defenceless.



According To The Latest Research The UK Is Now In The Top Five “Phreaking Hotspots” In The World.

Phone system hacking (Phreaking) remains a “hidden secret” within the industry. Small to medium sized businesses are at greater risk, as they are the most vulnerable and there has been a significant increase of attacks on Samsung, Nortel, Avaya and Panasonic technology amongst others. As these calls originate from your business phone system, carriers like BT will hold you responsible for the bill, despite the calls being made from elsewhere – but through your telephone system.


The Average Cost Of A UK Phreaking Attack Is Between £3,000 And £10,000 In As Little As A Weekend.

We have witnessed a large IT company who tragically lost £30,000 in just one weekend. Once the hackers have gained access to a system it becomes open to abuse until the fraud is detected, with many companies not realising what’s happened until their phone bill is delivered, usually at the end of the quarter.  Victims have no other option but pay telecoms companies for the stolen call time to the Premium Rate numbers that have been dialled.



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