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  • No additional equipment investment is needed. You only require a Broadband enabled PC or MAC with an internet browser.
  • SMS demands a 97% open rate and typical response rates are around 25%.
  • We offer a free trial, free credits, no contract and no monthly fee
    PAYG – Text credits as required from as low as 3.5p per text*


Send A Bulk Mobile Marketing Message

To Your Customers In Minutes


Advanced Mobile Messaging allows you to create and send bulk SMS Text messages with in minutes – Track message deliveries, Reads and Responses. If you’re not using SMS marketing to communicate with your customers, then you are missing out on a HUGELY effective channel for increasing customer engagement and boosting your conversion rates. The majority of text messages are opened right away – just think about your own response to that beckoning buzz coming from your pocket!

Did you know that 97% of messages are read with in 5 Seconds! (OFCOM)

 If you use the power of this personal communication tool correctly, you could save time and money while seeing astonishing results from your promotional campaigns.

Top 5 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing:

  1. Effective Business Tool: SMS marketing can be used to engage with consumers through a more personal and more immediate medium. You’ll see staggeringly high open rates and increased conversions.
  2. Fast, Stable Service: Send up to 300 SMS messages per second with average message deliveries in less than 15 seconds.
  3. . Reliable: Unlike email, SMS marketing lets you connect to your customer base instantly and directly without any barriers – say goodbye to spam filters!
  4. Market Potential: With billions of mobile phones being used 24/7, SMS Marketing allows you to tap into a virtually limitless market of ready-to-read prospects.
  5.  Its Affordable: Cheaper than Vouchers, Printing or Postage 

Bulk SMS Marketing is ideal for:

  • Sales Promotions: Send offers & voucher discounts immediately
  • Alerts and Updates: Highlight events and news
  • Schedule Appointment Reminders: Drastically reduce no shows & lost revenues
  • Booking Confirmations: Confirmations for orders, alerts to new offers and stock
  • Attach Brochures: And links to your website pages
  • Collect Payments: Confirm by deposit bookings for tickets, table booking etc
  • Inclusive Mobile Website: Optimize your website view for mobiles
  • Customer Surveys: Gain quick feed back about your products and/or services
  • And much more…

Some Of The Business Sectors Already Using SMS Effectively Include:

Insurance – Estate Agents – Retail – Restaurants – Travel – Delivery Services – Marketing – Councils – Schools – Construction – Tourism – Hospitality – Motor & Garage Services – IT Companies …. and many more

 Convincing industry statistics!

  1. Response rates for mobiles are 4 times higher than any other direct marketing source
  2. 80% have their mobile on at all times – (Ofcom) 
  3. Promotions via text is the number 1 preferred choice of customers – (Direct Marketing Association)
  4. Trial this service with confidence!
  5. There are no hidden monthly fees, there is no minimum contract, your SMS credits NEVER expire AND text mobile will start you off with 50 free credits.
  6. Click here to start your free trial today after trial credits from just 2.5p. (Volume dependent)


How does it work?

  • Upload your phone numbers, enter your message and send the SMS with our award winning platform.
  • Can be easily integrated with your CRM system.


P.S. This Is A Catch-Free Deal That Will Help Supercharge Your Business